11Central Vac Industrial Systems are designed to enable the highest standards of cleanliness to be maintained in a wide variety of industrial plants and warehouses.

Each Central Vac Systems includes a centralized waste collection container and vacuum pump connected to a pipe network throughout the required area, with inlet isolation flap valves at convenient locations.

A variety of hoses and nozzle fittings are available to enable effective cleaning of all floors, walls, crevices, pipes, ductwork and machinery.

Eliminates the inconvenience of portable vacuum cleaners!!

Typical Features

Centralized Waste Collection
High Capacity Vacuum Pump
Wide variety of hose and nozzle fittings - extensions, curved, corner, crevice etc
Systems designed for multiple simultaneous users
High efficiency filtration systems
Heavy Duty Construction
Anti-Static Hoses
Aluminium Inlet Hose Connection Valves
Non-plugging pipework design
Low Maintenance Design
Easy to use
Much more…

Typical Appications

Hair Salons

Many more…

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Galaxie GA-100 Central Vacuum System
No bags and no filters to change.

Galaxie GA-100 Accessories
to fit ALL central vacuum systems.

Vac Pan
Give your broom the power of Central Vac!

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