GALAXIE GA-100 Central Vacuum System

Unlike most central vacuum systems which use bags and/or filters to remove dirt from the air, the Galaxie GA-100 uses neither a bag nor a filter. The GA-100 operates on a special principle which separates dirt and deposits it into a large easily emptied dirt container. This sytem allows the vacuum power to remain constant since the air is unrestricted by the fabric of bags or filters, both of which can increasingly restrict air flow when they become clogged with dirt as the air is forced through them.

Cleaner cleaning means a great deal for allergy sufferers. Recirculation of dust and odors is eliminated since the dirt laden air is vented out of the building.  

The Galaxie Central Vacuum cleaning system power unit is located away from the living area. Because of its remote location, noise is not a factor when the system is in use. Tubing is run from the power unit to wall inlet valves which may be located wherever they are desired throughout the building. These valves need not be in every room.

Installation of the inlet valves and tubing concealed within the building's walls (new OR existing) is simpler than installing electrical outlets. Over 30 years of manufacturing and installation experience, backed by our nationwide dealer network, assures you of quick and expert workmanship. Also, for the do-it-yourselfer, we offer complete kit set ups and instructions.

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Height 38 1/4"
Diameter 14 1/2"
Voltage 120
Amps 13.5
Vacuum (Sealed) 124.6
Working Vacuum @ 5/8" orifice 78.8
Air Watts @ 7/8" orifice 495
Air Flow (CFM) 2" orifice 120
Dirt Receptacle Capacity 10 gal.
Motor Type Ametek PREMIER DESIGN No Load By Pass
Impellers 2
Relay Solid State
Motor Brush Rating 1200 hrs.
Shipping Weight 49 lbs.

GA-100 Detailed Specifications  

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