GALAXIE GA-100 specifications


1. Relay - Solid State

  • Highest quality materials and construction
  • Specifically designed to actuate motor of this size and capacity
  • Installed internally.
  • Positive screw mounted assembly bar.
  • Build-in relay assembly.
  • Completely hand wired - No Solder assemble. All connectors are "fast-on" clip-on connectors. This permits instant disconnect or reconnect of each component. Each component may be replaced individually.
  • Mechanical circuit breaker eliminated fuses.
  • Bar mounted Romex connector for better train relief of power cord and added safety.

2. Dirt Receptacle

  • Huge 1 1/3 cu. ft. dirt capacity. (43 quarts)
  • Extra heavy duty clamps. Assures leakproof seal over the life of the unit.
  • Gaskets of closed-cell neoprene - will not crack or deform and assured positive seal. Along with extra heavy duty clamps, neoprene assured leak-proof vacuum seal over lifetime of the unit.
  • Easy-to empty...just dump it, no bags to wrestle with.

3. Top Cover

  • Louvered for greater ventilation and longer motor life
  • Friction fit hold-on for simple removal and service

4. Motor

  • Lamb 13 amp premier design motor - full by-pass type (Twice as powerful as portable models for greater efficiency.)

5. Body

  • 19 gauge ribbed steel to prevent flexing of metal. This eliminates leaks.
  • Powder coated inside and out for long lasting life and easy cleaning - won't ever rust or corrode.

6. Separator

  • Bagless Dirt Separation - all steel separator - vertical screen prevents dust build up and clogging - Unit delivers its total efficiency while cleaning. Dirt in the dirt receptacle does not diminish vacuum as with bag type separators. A 12" baffle allows the full use of dirt receptacle capacity without affecting suction.
  • No filter to wash out or replace

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Height 38 1/4"
Diameter 14 1/2"
Voltage 120
Amps 13.5
Vacuum (Sealed) 124.6
Working Vacuum @ 5/8" orifice 78.8
Air Watts @ 7/8" orifice 495
Air Flow (CFM) 2" orifice 120
Dirt Receptacle Capacity 10 gal.
Motor Type Ametek PREMIER DESIGN No Load By Pass
Impellers 2
Relay Solid State
Motor Brush Rating 1200 hrs.
Shipping Weight 49 lbs.

GA-100 Detailed Specifications  

Explanations of technical terms used in rating central vacuum systems:

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